Capstone offers this brief presentation on useful combinations of JSF, JPA, and EJB technology, primarily as a supplement to our courses on JSF and EJB, but those with experience in some of this technology may find the presentation useful on its own as well. The presentation takes the form of a course chapter, and both projection- and print-ready PDFs are available here, along with downloadable example code and instructions for setting up supporting tools and environment.

The presentation itself is here:

The example code requires the Java EE 5.0 SDK -- if you're using this in the context of our EJB course you already have this and can skip this setup. (The JSF course does not set up this SDK; it runs to Tomcat 6, but for the EJB piece you will need the full application server that's available in the SDK.)

Download the example code itself in one of three forms shown below. If you have already set up one or both of the JSF and EJB courses, you can choose the second or third download; these two are smaller and avoid redundantly installing certain tools.

  • Complete -- use this one on its own (or if you're in any doubt about which is best)
  • Code and DB server -- suitable for installation alongside the JSF courseware, once the Java EE 5.0 SDK has been installed
  • Code only -- suitable for installation alongside the EJB course software