Technical Library

Technical works published by Capstone authors, family and friends:

Java ME, SE, and EE -- Research

Comparing Ajax Strategies for Java Applications with benchmarks and analysis of major Ajax/Java strategies including RMI frameworks and JSF component libraries

JSF, JPA, and EJB, Capstone Courseware -- a "bridge" unit to supplement our JSF and/or EJB courses

EJB3 on the JBoss Application Server, Capstone Courseware -- a brief supplement to our EJB course for those planning to code EJBs on JBoss 4.2

Spring and Hibernate, Capstone Courseware -- a "bridge" unit to supplement our Spring and/or Hibernate courses

Wireless Applications in J2EE Systems, Object Innovations

Java ME, SE, and EE -- Tools

A JPQL Terminal as developed by Edward Rayl

Content Management


Web Services

OpenSAML Examples -- working code examples of using the OpenSAML Java library

Integrating Web Services with XSLT, XML.com

What Interoperability Isn't, XML.com

UML for Web Services, XML.com

WSDL First!, XML.com