FAQ: Finding Courseware

  1. What's included when I buy courseware?

    You purchase some number of printed coursebooks. With the coursebooks you get a Classroom Setup Guide that provides access to the course software, containing extensive programming examples and lab exercises. Separately, we provide materials for the training vendor and/or instructor, including presentation slides, instructor's guide, and classroom setup guide. See also a complete guide to training delivery.

  2. Does the price of a coursebook include shipping?

    The price of an OI course does not include shipping, as this can vary dramatically based on location and especially turnaround time. Get your order in early! Except for rush orders, shipping costs generally add less than 2% to the total price.

  3. Do you provide any solutions for the labs and demonstrations presented in the course?

    Absolutely, and we believe this is one of our strongest suits as a provider of training materials. A Capstone course always includes extensive code examples. There are complete starter and answer code sets for every exercise, and often intermediate answer sets as well. Code is thoroughly documented, and our Java courses all offer javadoc-generated documentation for code examples.

  4. In what format are presentation files available?

    Our presentations are view-only PDF files. Presentation pages match the content of the printed student guides exactly in format and content, but do not include pages unsuitable for projection viewing, such as the lab instructions at the ends of chapters. Chapter and lab numbers synchronize to the printed book.

  5. What content is provided in the instructor's guide?

    The instructor's guide provides notes to the instructor on how best to deliver the course. This document is written by the course author(s) and includes an overview on philosophy of the course design, suggested timeline (at a granularity of chapters per day or half-day), lecture notes per chapter, and often tips and troubleshooting for possible in-class problems.

  6. What tools and classroom environment are required to deliver a course?

    See the course outline for general system requirements, including baseline hardware and operating-system specifications. Also, see this note on what to expect if installing on Windows 7. The setup guide for a course describes precisely what software packages must be set up to support the lab software. For most of our courses this software will consist entirely of free, downloadable products, so there is no additional cost involved in delivering the training.

  7. What support does Capstone provide for training delivery?

    We can provide limited "up and running" support for setting up supporting tools and getting the lab software installed. And, naturally, if there are technical problems, such as a code example not working correctly, we'll do everything we can to address those problems quickly. The actual instruction of the course is not included in the price of the book. Nor can we provide in-depth support on the various tools required for course delivery, such as SDKs, IDEs, or application servers. We assume that the training provider and/or instructor have the expertise to install and run the necessary software to support training in a given technology. See also the separate FAQ on delivering an OI course, for practical details.

  8. Can I see a sample of a course that interests me?

    You can download an archive of selected sample content for any course: you'll find a link to this sample material in the outline for the course of interest. You can also contact us directly to receive evaluation materials by email. Each downloadable archive includes a sample chapter, in book and presentation formats, each provided as a watermarked PDF; this material is not for redistribution or for any use other than direct evaluation by our customers. Other than the watermark, the content is identical to that found in the course as purchased, including presentation pages and lab instructions in the chapters.

  9. What about printed copies of coursebooks for evaluation?

    We can provide printed copies of coursebooks for evaluation (or other non-revenue-generating purposes such as helping a training company to sell a class) at a steep discount; contact us for a specific price. Often, it's easier to evaluate based on an electronic copy: we can provide a complete, watermarked, non-printing PDF of a given coursebook for this purpose, at no charge.

  10. Can I procure a customized course based on Capstone's materials?

    We are happy to provide custom books from our standard courses. Simple "cut-down" customizations in which we simply exclude certain chapters from a standard course are always free. For more complex, multi-course customizations, we charge a one-time setup fee; you can then order/use as many copies of the custom course as you like at our normal prices. Do check with us before jumping into these more complex customizations -- not only for pricing but to sanity-check the customization itself: will the lab setups jibe? will the selected chapters flow well? etc.

  11. Can your courseware be used for self-directed study?

    We design the courses for instructor-led training in classroom environments. Given the thorough nature of the presentation materials and great volume of example code and step-by-step exercises, self-study is also possible, but it requires a strong background and problem-solving ability, as no one is available to answer detailed questions on theory or to clarify a given instruction in a lab.

  12. Where do I sign up for classes?

    Capstone does not offer training; we provide courseware only. If you are looking for public classes or onsite training in the topics our courses cover, check our partners page for a list of training companies that use our materials. Contact those companies directly and they can answer your questions about training availability.