FAQ: Delivering Training

  1. As a training company or independent instructor, how do I deliver a Capstone course?

    (1) Place an order for student kits with Capstone, as described in our buying guide. (2) Find a comprehensive delivery guide for the course you're presenting on Capstone's website; the course outline links to the delivery guide, or start from the index of delivery guides. The delivery guide is your roadmap for the whole process, including supplemental textbook recommendations, instructor's guide, classroom setup guide, and presentation PDFs. (3) Set up the classroom according to the setup guide -- this will include installing the PDFs and downloading the labs and other software, and installing them on student machines. (4) The instructor must prepare for the course: read the book, work through code exercises, research, and read the instructor's guide for notes on lectures and timeline.

  2. Where are the lab files for the class I'm teaching?

    In most scenarios, either Capstone or the training company will provide the instructor with a link to the Classroom Setup Guide for a class. This guide includes links to supporting tools (JDK, editor, IDE, server, etc.), and also to the labs themselves. If you haven't received this link, you can also derive it as follows, based on the course number NNN and the version VVV: http://capcourse.com/NNN_Setup_VVV.html.

  3. Where are the slides or presentation files for the class I'm teaching?

    Either Capstone or the training company must send these files (a ZIP archive of PDFs) to the instructor via email. If you haven't received them, check with the training company for whom you're teaching, or contact us directly.

  4. Where are the lab instructions? I have PDFs of the lectures, but I don't see detailed lab instructions.

    Lab instructions are found at the end of each chapter in the printed book. They are not included in the presentation PDFs because they're not for projection. So you may only have the presentation files, and not the full book. If you haven't received either a printed copy of the course or an eval PDF of the course, please contact the training company and/or Capstone immediately.

  5. Where are the instructions for the labs if I'm using Eclipse or another IDE?

    We develop detailed lab instructions for the core lab image -- that is, one that is designed to work with a minimal environment of text editor and command console. The Eclipse overlays available for most courses are optional components, and there is nothing in the coursebook that makes explicit reference to them. So, the shorter answer is, "there are no such instructions." For more on the rationale behind this, see Using Capstone's Eclipse Overlays.

  6. How can I provide feedback on a course?

    Any way you want to! We value student and instructor feedback greatly. As an instructor you will be provided a feedback form; use this if it's helpful. But we're happy to receive any comments, criticisms, bug reports, or suggestions informally as well. Just call or email at the above addresses and your feedback will be passed along to the appropriate curriculum coordinator and course author. We may want to follow up on these things with you as we are always striving to make our materials as clean, current, and authoritative as possible.