FAQ: Purchasing

  1. How can I purchase courseware?

    To order courseware, follow instructions provided in this guide to buying courseware.

  2. What payment methods are available?

    We accept checks and major credit cards.

  3. What is the suggested lead time for ordering materials?

    We strongly recommend ordering courseware at least a week in advance of the training date. This allows us time to process the order, print coursebooks and ship to your desired location. A week and a half is better. On the flip side, we can often support faster turnarounds, though shipping costs rise quickly as the lead time shrinks.

  4. Can I get a license to resell Capstone courseware?

    We do not license resellers, but rather offer all our products directly to training companies.

  5. Can I get a license to print and distribute Capstone courseware for my own training purposes?

    We do make licensing arrangements with training companies, to produce courseware themselves -- solely for purposes of supporting their own training events. There must be sufficient volume of use to make the work to set up and support a reseller relationship worthwhile, and there are other considerations. Contact us directly to discuss possible structures and pricing.