FAQ: Delivering Training

  1. The machines I'm planning to use for training have a different operating system than the one identified in the course's system requirements. What should I do?

    Most of our materials are Java-based, and so while we usually do complete testing on just one OS -- and can only guarantee training on that OS -- the JDK version is more important and usually solves any OS compatibility problems. Our lab installers, however, are Windows-based (WinZIP self-extractors), so Linux and Solaris systems will need to be set up using a Windows PC as an intermediary: run the installer on the intermediary, then make a ZIP of c:\Capstone, and unzip that on your training machine(s). Also, see this note on what to expect if installing on Windows 7.

  2. In the setup guide, the link to lab software is broken, or I'm having other problems finding or downloading the lab files. How can I find them?

    If the link given in a setup guide is broken, there are two possible causes. One is we've erred in revising a course and either the lab filename or the link is incorrectly written. The other is that you're working with an outdated version of one of our courses, such that the lab file has been retired from our downloads area. It's always a good idea to double-check that you're working with the most current version of the course -- contact your courseware provider, or Capstone directly, if in doubt. In any case, see here a complete index of all our current lab installers.

  3. In setting up a classroom, I find that a later version of a tool required for the course is available than the version identified in the setup guide. Can I safely use the latest version in class?

    Tool versions matter! It is always best to procure and to install the exact version of each tool that is identified in the course setup guide. Even where two versions of a tool are only slightly different, and we might guess that there will be perfect compatibility, the setup guide reflects the exact environment on which the course software has been tested. To step outside that environment is to invite trouble; we can't guarantee that problems won't crop up.

  4. I'll be installing course software on my own machine, either for an upcoming class or for reference outside of class time. I have older or newer versions of some required tools. Can I safely use these versions for the class or for later work?

    See the question above.

  5. I can't find the version of a tool that's required by the course setup guide -- what should I do?

    If you need assistance finding the correct version of a tool, and the setup guide links aren't working as advertised, please contact Capstone directly and we'll diagnose the problem ASAP.