Capstone 101

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We offer high-quality technical courseware to support IT training. Our primary product is, simply, “a course,” and is delivered as a combination of printed coursebooks and supporting electronic files. Find our curriculum guides and a complete catalog in the main website menu.

Specifically, a Capstone course includes:

We print and ship directly to your training site -- in the United States, United Kingdom, and many other locations worldwide. Our coursebooks are authoritative, rather handsome, and carefully designed for effective learning — read more.
We provide PDFs to your instructor for presentation in the classroom.
Lab Software
All our courses include abundant hands-on exercises, with starter and complete answer steps, full documentation (e.g. Javadoc), and step-by-step instructions in the coursebook itself. Take a closer look.
We use a combination of free public tools — such as SDKs and reference implementations, database managers, and the Eclipse SDK — and our own utilities which are dedicated to supporting specific courses. Then, many of our courses are also available in variant forms that have been re-worked for delivery on a commercial platform, such as WebLogic, WebSphere, or JBoss.
Delivery Guides
Everything you need to know to set up a classroom for training is available on our website. A central Delivery Guide assures that you won't miss anything and leads to other resources.
We work hard to make our courseware self-explanatory and easy to use. If your instructor does encounter a problem, we are here to help. We can unblock your path to resources that you need, and typically will put the instructor in direct contact with the course author for any technical questions. Call 877-227-2477 or email support@capcourse.com.

Finding the Right Courseware

Your training requirements may be defined in several ways. You may already know which Capstone products you need. Perhaps you know the general subject area, but are short on details of what exact topics must be learned; perhaps a client has given you a couple buzzwords and not much else to go on. Or, you may have an outline from which you need to assemble real, available materials.

Our curriculum guides offer an excellent way to get familiar with our courses and the technology that they cover. From there you can visit specific course outlines, which will show you class length, learning objectives, prerequisites, and course content in detail. For most courses we also make a sample chapter available the form of a watermarked, non-printing PDF, and you can get this via the course outline.

Custom Courses

If you still don't see what you're looking for, note that Capstone frequently creates custom courses for its clients. If it's a mix of chapters from our standard offerings, we may even have the hybrid materials you're looking for, already on the shelf. If not, we can create new custom coursebooks and supporting electronic files, usually for a small one-time fee.

And we are always developing new content on new technology. So if you don't see it, just ask! The topics you want may be in development now, or we may be in a position to produce them in time to meet your needs.

Bon Appetit!

So have a look around; you can also find out about purchasing coursebooks and methods of payment. Thanks for visiting Capstone!